A Cross-Platform Mobile Game App


Hyper casual mobile game project with self creating every asset from graphics to code. Includes procedural features such as softbody and blob simulation, real-time path generation and post-processing effects.

The physics

Softbody of Jello

This is linked to my thesis I wrote about vehicle softbody simulation in 3D. Prior to that, I made some experiments in 2D. I created a general softbody system, that generates reference points and an elastic connection between them, modeling a mass spring system. These reference points distort the parent visual element.

Vending machine

The graphics is drawn using an Apple pencil. I also created a global post-processing pixel shader for further effects such as grain, chromatic aberration, brightness wiggle and more focusing on a cartoonish vibe. Computing complexity is heavily limited, concerning the targeted platforms are mobile devices. It should be ensured that their users have a seamless experience.
The framework I am using for developing is Unity3D, which provides libraries for cross-platform development.
The softbody simulation is similar as seen at the car chassis deform project without plasticity, implemented in 2D. This project demonstrates how fast it works even on mobile devices.

Future plans