Welcome to Candyland!

Jello Ballo is an interactive path drawing endless runner Hyper-Casual physics based game set in a cartoonish candy world.
The rules are simple. Use your fingers to draw paths to keep Jello safe from obstacles and foes, but be careful! Too much contact with your forged path heats Jello up! Try to beat your friends and reach as far as possible! Utilize powerups and gadgets you can acquire from the shop!

You can collect coins to purchase powerups, so you can go further on your next journey. You can even upgrade your powerups for higher efficiency. In addition, you may also spend on gadgets you may use for each run or if you want to personalize your player's style, buy funny skins for Jello!



Hot and spicy! Gives you a little boost, therefore you get some safe extra distance.

Ice cube

Don't like those spikes ahead? Try freezing Jello with some ice, so you don't have to worry about being popped. Until you melt down.


Those coins are out of reach? Need a hand? Magnet is the friend of collectors.


Cutting edge technology tradinator makes every next coin worth more.


Spike Enemy Fly Enemy Saw Enemy Rocket Enemy Bomb Enemy
There are various types of enemies and traps eager for Jello. In time, you will find out their weak points and successfully defend Jello. Hopefully.